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Sardegna - Our Inspiration

Sardegna is an island of the western coast of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea.  While one of the 20 regions of mainland Italy, it has a distinct and vibrant culture, as well as a language,  all its own.  It has often been studied as one of the world's "Blue-Zones", areas of the world where people are found to live considerably longer lives. 


With an incredible ecosystem consisting of beautiful, sandy, coastline,  rugged mountains, and lush green pastures filled with grazing animals, Sardegna has also been described as a "micro-continent.  

Its culture is as rich and diverse as the landscape.  Handmade pastas, aged cheeses, complex wine, abundant seafood, wood-fire roasted meats, and paper thin crisp bread are a few of the regions specialties.  But, more importantly, hospitality and family are the core values of this incredible place.  


We believe it is this strong sense of community that contributes most to long life in Sardegna, and we are proud to use  our surname, CROBU (“crow-boo”), which means “CROW” in Sardegnan to represent our family business.


There is no better way to spend time with family, get to know a new culture, or to make new friends than through a shared meal.  We hope that from our casa to your casa, you find opportunity to try something new, or be reconnected to something familiar.