Next Delivery Date is THURSDAY, August 11! FREE DELIVERY on orders over $75!


Where do you do your cooking?
We work in a licensed commercial kitchen right here in Denver!

Can I defrost any items before cooking?
Yes, and no...
Please do not defrost any of the Handmade Pastas, they will become soggy!  Keep frozen until you are ready to immerse them in gently boiling water.  
For Take & Bake items, if you defrost the morning of the day you are planning to prepare, you can decrease the cooking time by half! 
Sauces can always be defrosted if consumed within 1-3 days.

What if you don't deliver to my zip code?
Send us a message!  We are working hard to expand our delivery zone, and more often than not, we can still accommodate your order!

Can I place an order to be delivered to someone else's address as a gift?
Yes, absolutely!  This has already been a very popular option, especially for families with newborns!  We also offer gift cards here.