This map offers a general outline of our delivery zones in Denver metro and the surrounding areas.  You may also view a more detailed list of zipcodes below.  If you feel your address may have been miscategorized or (mistakenly) omitted altogether, please do not hesitate to reach out!  
Our goal is to make our delicious and authentic Italian meals available to as many homes as possible, while also maintaining an efficient and sustainable system for our small business and growing delivery team.  One of the benefits of our "fresh-frozen" meals is that it is possible to stock up on multiple options on a single order.  In an effort to encourage this type of ordering, we have included FREE DELIVERY minimum order options within each delivery zone.
If you are just trying us out for the first time, or dont have the freezer space to store multiple meals, please remember that Local Pickup is always an option as well!  In addition, please stay tuned to see when you might be able to find our products in a store or Farmer's Market near you!  We are so very grateful for your continued support!  Buon Appetito!